Kate  (9).JPGVehicle Repair Ministries

Our Vehicle Repair Ministries has profound implications for those who need transportation and an inexpensive way to repair their vehicles.  At times we pay for the parts needed to repair the vehicle while at other times we ask families to provide the necessary parts and we provide free labor.
Repairing vehicles address a relevant need allowing us to serve our community with the love of God.

Community Garden

Community Garden 2Through our Community Garden, we have the opportunity to come together and enjoy the fruits of God’s generosity. This project brings a little beauty to our lives and some satisfaction to our stomachs.
One single mom has attended several of our CCC services and appreciates the chance she has to have free garden space in which to grow plants.  This relieves some of the stresses of everyday life as well allowing us to interact people who want to learn firsthand about Jesus’ love.

Love and Logic

Love and LogicIn Parenting the Love and Logic Way, parents can learn effective ways to become the best parents possible.
Proven techniques of child-care and discipline are taught with strong doses of empathy so that children can learn from his or her choices.  We have completed six sessions to date and look forward to the next session starting Spring 2017. Questions? Contact Phil at (406) 671-1650.

Bicycle Ministry

Image result for bike riding imagesOur Bicycle Ministry deals with the simple, yet powerful task of giving bikes away to those who need them.  We have presented more than 15 bikes to families in our neighborhoods.
This has resulted in us getting to know several families and building friendships that show them the tangible love of Jesus Christ.

Join Us In Discovering God

Communion (1)Each Thursday night at 6 pm a group of people get together to eat and meet for one purpose…to get to know God better as we get to know each other better.  That means focusing on our “God Journey” where we desire to know God more.
Where are YOU on your God Journey?  Come and join us in the lower level of First Alliance Church (19th and Central) on Thursday nights as together we discover the loving God who created us and offers us hope and restoration through Jesus Christ His Son!

Harvesters Youth Group

Youth Group 1Sunday nights at 6:30-8:00 p.m. we gather our youth to learn about God and the value of fellowship with other young Christians. We are currently making our way through Philippians at the moment.

Girl’s Group meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30-8:00 p.m. were girls gather for a home-cooked meal and Godly discussions about life and current events.

Endurance Radio– (click the logo)

EnduranceThis is a Christian Reggae and Rap station that broadcasts to the Billings Area. The project is solely run by Dennis Nease, the bass and drum player for the CCC worship team.


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